Thursday, 12 June 2014

Taking over the world, one bookstore at a time.

The last couple of weeks have seen Enlightened venture out of the website and into the bookstore! At the moment we are represented in four stores in Canberra, two in Cairns and one on the way in Lakes Entrance VIC.  It’s incredibly exciting to see Enlightened on the shelves and we have to force ourselves not to stalk the stores; there may or may not have been a terrible attempt at covert book counting at one particular store in Cairns... Let just say that in future, we promise to leave the Black Ops to the books. 

Not satisfied with bookstores, Enlightened became available as an eBook this week! Being the old school paperback readers that we are, we hadn’t fully thought about how quickly the Enlightened story could spread in the instant world of eBooks. The last couple of days have seen the story make it all the way to the UK thanks to a couple of very vocal and social media savvy Enlightened Women. We have also found some amazing reviews of Enlightened on GoodReads Check it out if you get a chance; we have set up a profile there, so if you’re feeling wordy, write us a review!

Being so consumed in the promotion of Enlightened since its release nearly two months ago, we have been desperate for a chance to immerse ourselves in the writing process once again. So, we took a cheeky week of annual leave to bunker down and work on book two. It was amazing to get back to Lumeer and spend some time with Ana and the crew it was kind of like coming home – just to way sexier people! 

In the meantime if you have any questions for us, we would love to hear from you!

So… Have you been Enlightened?