Monday, 12 May 2014

Non Stop Start!

So the last two weeks have passed in a blur. From launch day till now SJ Jensar has not stopped - but our children have enjoyed the novelty of having breakfast for dinner!

Things are now settling down and we are slowly wrapping out heads around the whole process of sales and publicity. As we are Independent Self-Published Authors, we have to be savvy in all areas of the book business…or at least make it look like we are. So hopefully soon you will start to hear and see a little more of SJ Jensar and Enlightened. That being said we still needyou, our readers to spread the word –you are the most powerful weapon in our publicity arsenal. If you love the story, tell people. Talk to your friends or people in your book club, write a review on Amazon or jump on to an Urban Fantasy or Paranormal Romance blog and give us a plug! The Enlightened Evolution has begun; we just need your help to it keep moving forward!

Now for a little pudding (pants down) moment - we have been asked many questions since the release so we thought we would compile a list of the most commonly asked, so here goes…

Q– What made you decide to write a book?

Answer Jen – “When Sarah moved to Cairns our friendship stepped up a notch in the way of books. We would devour as many Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romances as we could get our hands on, sending books from Canberra to Cairns and back again constantly. All the while discussing the plots and characters and joking that we should write our own Urban Fantasy series. Then we came to the end of a particularly consuming series, the supply kind of dried up and we were left thinking ‘what now?’That’s when we started to plot. A glass of wine for Dutch Courage and a major google session later and we were off!”

Q– How did you collaborate being at opposite ends of the country?

Answer Sarah – “Telephone calls. Lots and lots of telephone calls!”

Q– When will the next book be available?

Answer Jen – “This is probably the question we get most. So, we would like to give you an estimatedtime frame - and just in case you missed the bold, underlined italics – this is an estimate only! We hope to have the second book in the Enlightened series available for purchase in six to twelve months. Obviously we are working hard at getting it to you sooner rather than later ;)”

Q– Who wrote the racy bits?

Answer Jen – “Sarah”

Answer Sarah – “Jen”

Q– Is it available in bookstores

Answer Sarah – “Not yet but we’re working on it! We hope to have Enlightened on the shelves of quality independent bookstores in the near future and will post more details of these stores when we have them. After that we will be looking to the big guys – but that is a little way down the road yet! In the meantime you can purchase via our website.” J

Sunday, 11 May 2014

The Train To Crazy Town

So the count down to the Enlightened Online Release is well and truly under way; we have boarded the train to Crazy Town and it has left the station… no turning back now! Our palms are sweaty and our stomachs are fluttering as we vacillate between abject terror and complete elation. We made a deal at the beginning of all this, that only one of us was allowed to completely lose our potatoes at a time and that rule seems to have served us well, because here we are!

We hope you enjoy the story and characters as much as we enjoyed creating them. Even though it began with us, Enlightened is a book that seemed to write itself. Things have had a wild way of unfolding and for a long time now we have felt like passengers but we are loving the ride and hope you will too! So be a part of the Enlightened Evolution; help us get the Enlightened story heard by logging on to Amazon and giving us a review… HERE! it will take only five minutes. The more reviews we get, the further our reach and the bigger the Enlightened Evolution becomes. You can also support us by following us on twitter, Liking us on Facebook and telling your friends.

So… Have you been Enlightened?

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Blurbs on Blogs

Anastasia Valinski had never really considered the safety of her remote city – at least not until one of its most prominent residents turned up decapitated.

Hidden by mountainous surrounds, Lumeer is the birthplace of the Kresniks; a race of superior beings, the Enlightened among them possessing supernatural abilities. Abilities used to fight their mortal enemy – Kudlak; vampires that scour the land as solitary hunters, their relentless attacks always savage, their appetite for blood never sated… until now.

When whispers spread that Kudlak have breached Lumeer walls, fear consumes everyone.The Kresnik Council summon Commander Dominik Bravnica – leader of the Kresnik Army, back to Lumeer to protect its people. Working alongside the Commander, Anastasia gets more than she bargained for as the threat escalates and she is forced to face the monster under the bed. She must survive but in doing so may lose all that was promised.

And this is not her only battle, for Anastasia is plagued by a secret shared, of her own hidden demons and the fight to overcome them, before it’s too late…

Thursday, 8 May 2014

A little something about SJ Jensar

Jen and Sarah met over 14 years ago and together have experienced weddings, births, interstate relocations, home renovations, overseas holidays, cyclones and the odd hens’ night kidnapping.
After many a long distant phone call from one end of the country to the other, Jen and Sar discovered their love for Urban fantasy – a little romance for Jen and a hint of supernatural for Sar. After their favourite book series came to an end and the conversation returned to husbands and children, they decided to take matters in to their own hands, writing their urban fantasy. A crazy late night conversation turning into a wild adventure, which cemented their friendship and created the Enlightened book series!
Jen is passionate about all things books. Her first written work was available for loan in her primary school library when she was in the fourth grade.
It was Sarah that introduced Jen to stories of the supernatural and she is now an avid reader of this genre. Given this Jen still cannot go past a good romance novel, her first love was Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice but she is yet to have the promised marathon session of the BBC mini-series with Sarah.
When not on the phone to Sarah, Jen can be found chasing after her two young boys, relaxing in her garden or running with her husband. For Jen the hardest thing about writing a book is putting down whatever it is she is currently reading!
A movie buff and keen reader, Sarah has forever had a fascination with the supernatural. Her introduction to the horror genre was with Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot and she now devours Urban Fantasy with alacrity. While she would never pick up a romance, Sarah does enjoy supernatural action laced with a little love.
Originally from the ACT, Sarah relocated with her family to Far North Queensland. Swapping the cold winters and threat of Pride and Prejudice marathons, for cyclones and crocodiles!
When not on the phone to Jen, Sarah loves going out for Sushi with her two daughters, watching her favourite TV shows with her husband and planning her next renovation project.
And yes, their phone bills are impressive.