Monday, 12 May 2014

Non Stop Start!

So the last two weeks have passed in a blur. From launch day till now SJ Jensar has not stopped - but our children have enjoyed the novelty of having breakfast for dinner!

Things are now settling down and we are slowly wrapping out heads around the whole process of sales and publicity. As we are Independent Self-Published Authors, we have to be savvy in all areas of the book business…or at least make it look like we are. So hopefully soon you will start to hear and see a little more of SJ Jensar and Enlightened. That being said we still needyou, our readers to spread the word –you are the most powerful weapon in our publicity arsenal. If you love the story, tell people. Talk to your friends or people in your book club, write a review on Amazon or jump on to an Urban Fantasy or Paranormal Romance blog and give us a plug! The Enlightened Evolution has begun; we just need your help to it keep moving forward!

Now for a little pudding (pants down) moment - we have been asked many questions since the release so we thought we would compile a list of the most commonly asked, so here goes…

Q– What made you decide to write a book?

Answer Jen – “When Sarah moved to Cairns our friendship stepped up a notch in the way of books. We would devour as many Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romances as we could get our hands on, sending books from Canberra to Cairns and back again constantly. All the while discussing the plots and characters and joking that we should write our own Urban Fantasy series. Then we came to the end of a particularly consuming series, the supply kind of dried up and we were left thinking ‘what now?’That’s when we started to plot. A glass of wine for Dutch Courage and a major google session later and we were off!”

Q– How did you collaborate being at opposite ends of the country?

Answer Sarah – “Telephone calls. Lots and lots of telephone calls!”

Q– When will the next book be available?

Answer Jen – “This is probably the question we get most. So, we would like to give you an estimatedtime frame - and just in case you missed the bold, underlined italics – this is an estimate only! We hope to have the second book in the Enlightened series available for purchase in six to twelve months. Obviously we are working hard at getting it to you sooner rather than later ;)”

Q– Who wrote the racy bits?

Answer Jen – “Sarah”

Answer Sarah – “Jen”

Q– Is it available in bookstores

Answer Sarah – “Not yet but we’re working on it! We hope to have Enlightened on the shelves of quality independent bookstores in the near future and will post more details of these stores when we have them. After that we will be looking to the big guys – but that is a little way down the road yet! In the meantime you can purchase via our website.” J

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  1. Thanks for answering some of my questions! I read the book and am in love with the characters.....need another book or I will start getting withdrawal symptoms! I noticed you point at each other for the 'racy' parts of the book.....may I request more of these please!! And if you have read the book I'm sure you will agree :-)

    From one very hooked fan xx