Saturday, 10 May 2014

Blurbs on Blogs

Anastasia Valinski had never really considered the safety of her remote city – at least not until one of its most prominent residents turned up decapitated.

Hidden by mountainous surrounds, Lumeer is the birthplace of the Kresniks; a race of superior beings, the Enlightened among them possessing supernatural abilities. Abilities used to fight their mortal enemy – Kudlak; vampires that scour the land as solitary hunters, their relentless attacks always savage, their appetite for blood never sated… until now.

When whispers spread that Kudlak have breached Lumeer walls, fear consumes everyone.The Kresnik Council summon Commander Dominik Bravnica – leader of the Kresnik Army, back to Lumeer to protect its people. Working alongside the Commander, Anastasia gets more than she bargained for as the threat escalates and she is forced to face the monster under the bed. She must survive but in doing so may lose all that was promised.

And this is not her only battle, for Anastasia is plagued by a secret shared, of her own hidden demons and the fight to overcome them, before it’s too late…

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